Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This Jewelry Will "Dazzle" You!

Hey lovelies!

I just wanted to take a minute to share with you this amazing bracelet set I received from They have the cutest mission statement: "Our mission is to deliver cute, trendy, and dazzling products for affordable prices. Start shopping and have FUN!" 

Here's what I got and am LOVING:

 This set is called the Pink Sugar Set and is $
It is sold out right now, because it is extremely popular. As you can see why!

 Isn't this the most gorgeous cross you have ever seen? I love the sideways nature of it. It's so bling-ing, I just love it.  I feel like the cross can be worn just by itself, or combined with other rose-gold items you have in your collection.
 The strap is a dual wrapped around the wrist. It has rhinestones on part of it and then a rose-gold chain on the other part. It is neither heavy nor bulky.

Also, if you work at a computer a lot (like many of us do), this bracelet is very easy to work near a keyboard. It doesn't bang or clang. 

Although, that has never stopped me from wearing big funky jewelry!
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