Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Favorites!!

It's that time of the week!!

No not THAT are thinking of the MONTH!

It's time to check out my latest and greatest favorite products and people from this week!

If you haven't seen my video, you can go ahead and check that quickie here

"But Amelia" you say, "I can't watch the video, I'm at work/school/at the mall/waiting for a movie to start. What did you love this week? I'm dying to know!"

Ok! Ok! Don't get your panties in a twist my lovelies! I'll tell you right now! (Although, as a loyal reader, I would hope you might take a second to watch the video. I put the blooper in front this time!)

First off:

I have been LOVING my MAC Face and Body foundation combined with the Josie Maran Illuminzer or MAC Limited Edition Strobe Liquid Lotion.

It gives that gorgeous soft and dewy glow that every one is searching for. Especially if you are a bride! (Which I definitely am!) There is going to be a VERY in-depth review on this next week both on my YouTube channel ( as well as on this blog. Seriously, you are going to love it. I promise. So stay tuned Lovelies!

Next, I have been LOVING my MAC Iridescent Loose Pigment in Silver Dusk. Holy Toledo Batman! Why has this been so neglected? I felt so bad for the guy, tucked away in the back not getting any love.

(Not my image. Borrowed with credit to
But I rescued him and gave him some TLC this week! The silver dusk powder by MAC is a gorgeous pink based pigment that is so glow-y it'll make you look like you just walked out of a dewy rainforest with amazing skin. But careful Speedy Gonzales!!! This bad boy will spill EVERY WHERE if you are not careful. The first time it gets tipped upside down, ALL the pigment will come to the top of the sifter and you will end up with it on the top and no easy way to get it back down. That leads to spilling, which leads to cleaning, which leads to nowhere fun. Use a finger or a fan brush and tap, tap, tap off all the excess and the apply to the areas that you want highlighted. I like the cheek bones on top of my blush and then in a "C" motion up and above the brow bone. I also do the middle of the forehead and along the bridge of the nose and my cupids bow. But hey, that's me.
Next up was the L'Oreal Paris Lacquer Liner in Blackest Black. Another gel liner, nothing SUPER awesome or standout. It doesn't move anywhere, it goes on easily, albeit heavily. Be careful, Friend. It's a slippery slope from a fine line to a thick line! But practice makes perfect.  It's affordable for about $8-9 at your drugstore. Not a dupe for MAC Blacktrack as it's more shiny and doesn't have the ease of use that Blacktrack does. But it's a goody!
(again, not my image. Borrowed from
Lastly for Makeup was my Cold Cream. "Wait Amelia...cold cream is for older ladies like my Grandma right?" Nay, my readers, Nay.
(I used the generic Rite Aid version of this stuff....mainly because I am financially conscious of certain things. Whatever)
I was watching a YouTube video (go watch Friday Favorites to find out whose!) and they spoke of using cold cream in their nighttime skin routine. A light-bulb clicked in my brain! Yes! I used to use Cold Cream all the time to take off my theater makeup in middle and high school. Remember, theater makeup is much, much thicker to withstand the heavy and heated lights that are continuously on the actors. But you slather this stuff over your face, gently over your eyes, and remove with a few makeup wipes.
 I kid you not, DUDE.
The makeup comes right off. You may need a oil based remover for your mascara, but if you massage gently, you may be surprised at how much makeup it takes off. I always wash my face with my regular face wash after, then proceed with my night time routine. But this cold cream makes it so easy!

Lastly, my YouTube Favorite person/video of the month was Vegas Nay. Her name is Naomi and she is this ridiculously talented Makeup Artist in Las Vegas. She is pretty much renowned by all members of the Instagram beauty world. No one dare speak ill of her talent. (As a fellow MUA, I would have to disown you...with love of course) She has like 787K followers. That is crazy right? That's how good she is. Check her out here I mean, I think I'm good. But I could learn a lot from this girl! I'm a fan!!
Here's the youtube video that I was digging this week:

See what I mean? GOR-GEO-US!
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Love to ALL of you who support me. You mean the world to me. Really, you do!
Have a lovely and safe weekend!
Amelia St. John

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday (That feels like Monday) Lips

Good Morning Lovelies!

Today's Lip of the Day or (LOTD ) is comprised of three oh-so-sweet products!

1.) Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in Eastend Snob
2.) NYX Matte Lipstick in Pale Pink
3.) NYX Butter Gloss in Vanilla Cream Pie

I LOVE this lip combination. It's just so...PINK!

With the Summer season just around the corner, the best way to brighten any day is to incorporate pink into your wardrobe. 

These NYX products are AMAZING. The Matte lipstick is pigmented and luscious. After liner application, you apply the lipstick coat by coat. Let the lipstick dry and adhere to your lips, then blot on a tissue and apply another coat. After you have the desired color, you will move onto to gloss. 

The butter glosses from NYX are amazing on their own or paired with another product. I personally love this one from today, Vanilla Cream Pie, because paired with Pale Pink Matte lipstick, is just a great similar color combination.  It's not TOO bright if you are heading into the office for another work day, but it's already coy and youthful if you are meeting friends for lunch or a quick happy hour after work (don't forget to use a straw lest you want product all over the face!) 

Here's what it looks like on my lips: 

It's just a gorgeous color that is naturally feminine and girly.

I hope you all enjoyed my very first blog post. Bear with me as I work on my blog. Please do not hesitate to comment and make suggestions. They are always welcome! 

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Amelia St. John