Monday, June 3, 2013

Stuck in Foundation Rut? Wanna look like JLo?

Hello my lovelies!! 

Are you in a foundation rut? Do you want to try something new but you just aren't sure where to turn or what to try? Well, let me come to your rescue! 

I, too was in a rut recently. I would open my foundation drawer and just SIGH. It was always the same thing. The Covergirl 3 in 1? Sure, that's a trusty foundation but I'm just so BORED. The L'Oreal True match? Yeah, those are nice but I don't have my perfect shade and I don't feel like combining two. (I'm just lazy) 

What is there to do? 

Not sure if you ALL know this, but I am getting married in October. I STILL have yet to decide if I am going to do my own makeup (who wants to worry about it on your big day?) or if I am going to fork over the big bucks to hire a PRO. So I took this, as well as my foundation rut attitude, into the MAC store this weekend. Whenever I go into the store, I pretend like I don't know anything. I want the MAC girls/guys to tell me everything they know about the product, because just like any other customer, a professional MUA still wants to know what she's buying! 

So I tell the girl, Jennifer, I want my face to have the same sort of glow as this chick in the Pinterest pin below:
Her recommendation? MAC Face and Body combined with the new Limited Edition Strobe Liquid Lotion

 I am in the color C2. C stands for Cool undertones, W stands for Warm undertones.

 This is Golden Elixer swatched on my arm with NO flash
 This is C2 swatched on my arm with no flash.

I love this stuff. It is a very sheer application. If you have flawless/good skin to begin with, look no further than this foundation. It is sheer, but buildable. I happen to have combination skin, and lately, my hormones have been waging war on my face. And yet, even though Face and Body is sheer, it is still buildable. And should you want EVEN more coverage, you can add a smidge of your MAC Pro Longwear Concealer to the foundation for that coverage you need. That's what I had to do to cover those pesky problem areas on my chin! 

When you add the Strobe Lotion to the foundation, it gives it this nice sheen and glowy look. Exactly the dewiness I was looking for in a foundation like the girl in the picture above. 

It is best mixed together on the back of your hand with your fingers, to warm up the makeup before applying to your face. Apply with your CLEAN fingers to really allow the foundation to blend well with your skin. The warmth from your hands and fingers will make it look almost as if it was airbrushed on your face. I truly have a better understanding of why this foundation is used on so many photo shoots. 

Now, I will continue to rotate my foundations because I believe that the best thing for your face is to constantly keep switching it up.You don't want your face to get too used to something, or have a reaction because you have OVERDONE it on a specific makeup formulation. But for me? I'm keeping MAC Face and Body in my makeup arsenal. Who knows? I just may end up using on D. Day  aka My Wedding (just kidding!) 

 If you want to see my face after my very first time using it, don't forget to watch the more in-depth review I have on my YouTube Channel!


Have a beautiful and Blessed day!


Amelia St. John


  1. My hormones have also been waging a war on my skin ( mainly my chin) and winning. Boo urns. I seriously am considering this but I don't have a Mac store around me, totes crappy. Keep me posted on the way it treats your skin! Sorry for the need to comment on all areas possible ha!

    1. Have you tried trying some Mario Badescu products? I've seriously loving them! I actually have a new video coming out on my unbagging. But a quick preview...I'm loving their products. Anyway, check it out for your skin. And as for a MAC store, can you order online? I can def try to help you though!